Kwongan Kids Native Garden and Bush Tucker Projects


Would your school benefit from their very own Western Australian Native Garden?  Perhaps a Bush Tucker Garden or a Garden that highlights plants with special adaptations for a unique ecology.  Kwongan Kids can help your school develop and maintain a specialist native garden  within its grounds that can celebrate our local culture and ecology and create a valuable educational space.  Gardens develop by Kwongan Kids are developed with education in mind and are integrated with on-line learning resources to help students make the most of the garden within their school.

Kwongan Kids can help facilitate the project from the beginning, introducing the project as a vocational learning activity if necessary perfect for students of Applied Science, Horticulture, Environmental Studies and more.

Kwongan Kids can:

  • Assess school grounds for viable garden locations
  • Work to develop a plan of a garden that best suits your educational outcomes
  • Source plants for the school that are difficult to find by established working relationships with a variety of specialist providers
  • Teach students and teachers the unique social and ecological values of some fascinating plants to be included in the garden
  • Lead student groups in a variety of learning activities with a local propagation techniques including seeding, the value of smoke in propagation and  propagation by cuttings
  • Assist in ongoing maintenance of the garden over time
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