Interactive Key for Common Plants around Perth

Kwongan Kids has prepared a brand new fully interactive key for many of the common plants found around our region.  The Booklet has been specially prepared for schools and students in the region, breaking down the botany into something manageable and relevant to school students of all ages with a focus on current Western Australian Curricula.

The booklet is available both in physical and digital formats for $40AUD and contains:

  • over 50 pages of full colour images and illustrations
  • Full curricular links relevant to the current Western Australian Curriculum in the learning areas of Science and Humanities and Social Science (HASS)
  • A massive collection of ecological and indigenous information, written in a format that engages young people and encourages discovery based learning
  • The booklet is also formatted as an extensive dichotomous key, with simple language allowing for the accurate identification of many common plants and plant families across the biodiverse Perth region.

The digital version of the booklet is available HERE

To order your own copy of the booklet, or to access the encrypted digital version contact


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