Kwongan Kids Primary (years 1-6)

Kwongan Kids offers to Primary Schools a variety of excursion learning activities developed to inspire, educate and connect kids to their natural environment.  Activities for younger children focus on discovery-based learning, introducing a unique environment to the children and allowing them to see an ecosystem first hand.  Older Primary School age children may enjoy learning activities with a greater focus on Scientific Methodology, not only are aspects of a unique ecosystem observed but experiments are conducted to develop a deeper understanding first hand.  Kwongan Kids seeks to work with schools to provide a learning activity that best suits and supports school programs being delivered at schools and content may simply be adjusted to  best suit the school.  Links to content descriptions within the Australian Science Curriculum have been made where appropriate.

Kwongan Kids Primary Programs 

A walk in the Kwongan (Years 1-3 Excursion)

Students are lead on a walk through a unique environment and introduced to a variety of fascinating plants and animals.  Students are shown how to recognise different plants and animals by their distinguishing features and complete a guidebook highlighting the features designed to facilitate discovery-based learning for younger children.

Content Descriptor links: (Year 1: ACSSU017ACSSU211ACSHE022), ( Year 2: ACSSU030ACSHE035ACSIS038ACSIS040),  (Year 3: ACSSU044ACSHE050ACSIS057)


Bush Tucker Discovery (Years 1-6 Excursion)

Students are lead on a walk through an ecosystem and taught to recognise plants and animals that may be edible and sometimes medicinal if prepared properly.  Links are made to the Indigenous Cultural Heritage of the region to engage students in both a sociological and scientific manner.  Students work to complete a fun, discovery-based workbook that can be modified to suit the age of students attending the excursion.

Content Descriptor Links: (Year 1: ACSSU017ACSSU211ACSHE022), ( Year 2: ACSSU030ACSHE035ACSIS038ACSIS040),  (Year 3: ACSSU044ACSHE050ACSIS057), (Year 4: ACSSU073ACSHE061), (Year 5: ACSHE061ACSHE081),                                           (Year 6: ACSSU094ACSHE098ACSIS232).

Science of Kwongan (Years 4-6 Excursion)

Students are introduced to some  identifiable features of a unique environment for the purpose of developing an investigation.  Once variables are identified students complete an observation based task that may be best suited towards school programs.  Some suggestions include: Building Food Webs, Observing Hosts and Parasites, Measuring the impact of Human Activity on Kwongan Environment and a Botanical Survey of the diverse plants in the area using a unique on-line resource.

Content Descriptor Links:




Native Gardens in Your School!

Would your school be interested in establishing a native garden highlighting aspects of bush tucker, medicinal plants and unique adaptations? Kwongan Kids can help, just click on the Kwongan Kids Native Garden and Bush Tucker Projects link on the home page to visit the Native Gardens page for more information.


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