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Kwongan Kids is Committed to furthering the education of this unique environment to students of all ages on this page you will find links to similarly minded educators, downloadable resources for use within schools and past copies of the Kwongan Kids Newsletter.

Free Downloads:

2016 Species Hunt and Colouring In Competition

Kwongan Kids Colouring In Competition June 2016


Linking WA flora to WA curriculum Poster –

Attention all Primary and Secondary Science and HASS Teachers
Did you know that many of the plants found around your school are excellent educational tools just waiting for use in your lessons.
Kwongan Kids has prepared a colourful A3 poster of just some of our wonderful plants, along with links to current Western Australian Curriculum Content Descriptors so you know just how they all fit.  
What plants can you find around your school?
With a little observation you’re sure to find something special and unique..


Useful Links:

A Tale of Two Honey Possums – ataleof2honeypossums

The best place on the web for all things Honey Possum.  This webpage highlights some of the excellent educational work of Felicity Bradshaw, who has produced some outstanding resources including ‘Be a Bush Scientist’ for schools for schools with a distinctive WA ecology focus through SPICE.  The webpage also highlights her amazing children’s book telling the story of two heroic honey possums and their adventures through a Kwongan Ecosystem.  Lavishly illustrated by Patricia Negus and including an abundance of fascinating ecological facts this book is a must for young Western Australian Kids and of course for fans of the adorable Honey Possum.

The Kwongan Foundation – kwongan-foundation

The Kwongan Foundation for the conservation of Australia’s biodiversity has been established to: provide resources for research and study at UWA implement the gathering and sharing of knowledge enable long-term planning attract world-class researchers
achieve tangible improvements in the long-term conservation prospects of endangered plants.




Sustainable Schools – Handprint- 2016Ecological Footprintnew (jpg)

Sustainable Schools WA is a whole-school planning framework for Education for Sustainability (EfS) that has been developed ‘by schools, for schools’ to support implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum.  Kwongan Kids highly recommends all schools take advantage of this group to help improve both their school curriculum and the planet!


The Atlas of Living Australia ala

  • Imagine a map of the locations of all the species in the country.  Kwongan Kids is using the Atlas of Living Australia to create a virtual species map for certain excursion sites.  Using GPS, students will be able to search out and locate key species while looking at a virtual map of their location on hand held devices (ipad and Android interfaces).  This site is also great for seeing what species have been spotted around other locations, such as your school and you can even contribute your own findings to help build the map nation wide!
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