What is Kwongan Kids?

‘Kwongan’ (or Kwongkan) is a Noongar term for ‘sand’ and refers to an open, sandy kind of vegetation common in South Western Australia.20150929_125722

Kwongan Kids is dedicated to enriching education within Western Australian schools by providing students with engaging, discovery-based learning with a direct links to truly unique and fascinating  local Perth region environments.  We offer schools a diverse selection of excursions and incursions that will inspire and amaze students of all ages across a range of learning areas.  We also offer expertise and consultancy along with a wide range of curricular resources and learning materials.  Our programs and activities are delivered professionally by an experienced educator who can easily adjust content to make more relevant links to your teaching programs and the Western Australian Curriculum.  Why not let Kwongan Kids help your school meet new STEM outcomes and give your students a more deep and relevant understanding about the kind of environment they are surrounded by?  Click on the links above to explore the variety of excursions and incursions available for your students.


Andrew Price – Founder and Coordinator of Kwongan Kids


Andrew Price (BSci, BEdu, MEdu) has over a decade of experience working in Western Australian Schools as a Science teacher working mainly as a Biology teacher.  He also has a deep understanding and passion for South Western Australian ecology and believes strongly that Western Australian Schools could benefit greatly by exploring their local environment more deeply to appreciate the Biodiversity Hotspot in which we live.

Andrew’s work has been published in ‘Teaching Science’, the flagship journal of the Australian Science Teachers Association and he has recently been nominated for a ‘Prime Minister’s award for teaching Science (Secondary).  He communicates well with students of all ages, educating with good humour, deep science and a lot of fun.



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